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Ray via email asks:
Hello Aunty, I am getting a red wavy underscore on some words sometimes.  What have I done?  Can you please advise.
Aunty says:
This is normally to indicate spelling errors Ray, and the solution depends on what software you are using when they appear. If you are using Open Office or Word etc, and these squiggles are appearing when you know for certain the spelling is correct then you need to check your spell checker and language options. It maybe that your spell checker is set to look for Spanish words and therefore sees any English words as misspelt. You can usually find this from the ‘tools’ menu option but it will differ depending on what program you are using.

Archie via email asks:
Hi Aunty, Can you please advise me on my download speed as I think Telefonica are restricting it. I have been told that my line will give me 1Mb of download and I am paying for 3Mb. I have done a speed test and I am getting 0.04 download speed and 0.25 upload. I have asked them to check the line and they said it's OK, and that it is my computer, but if I go to a bar with a free WIFI zone it works fine. So why is it just my line that seems to be slow or could it be my router, could you advise please?
Aunty Says:
Hello Archie. If you’re only getting 0.04Mbps download when you have nothing else running on your computer then that is appalling. You’ve proved it’s not your computer by successfully testing it in a public Wi-Fi zone so it’s almost certainly your router or line that is at fault. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to persuade Telefonica that this is the case, but if you save and print out the test results from three consecutive days of at both locations, you may be able to persuade one of the shop staff to escalate it to the technical department. If this fails do as I did and sack them.

Harry via email asks:
Dear aunty I have a Fujitu Siemens laptop which will only send movies in 10mb lumps. As all the movies on my computer are more than this, is their any way I can reduce them to bite size lumps? Many thanks.
Aunty Says:
Hi Harry. This is your email provider (hotmail in your case) limiting the size of attachments you can send and you can do one of two things here. You could use a program such as Gsplit from which will let you break any kind of file into smaller chunks, or you could do as I do and use Dropbox. Dropbox is a fantastic free internet based file sharing tool that allows you to share your photos and documents etc. with anyone you choose. You get over 2GB of space to begin with, but this increases as you invite more friends to join. If any of you want an invite then send me your email address and I will get you started.

Mr G from Formentera asks:
Hi Aunty. I’m a bit embarrassed asking (hence the anonymity) but what exactly is Skype? I keep hearing it mentioned and how good and cheap it is but I’m not sure how I go about getting it, or whether it is better than the phone tariff I have with my current ADSL package.
Aunty Says:
No need to feel embarrassed Mr G, there are a lot of areas of computers that can be a bit of a mystery until they are explained in plain and simple terms. Skype is basically a way of using your existing ADSL line as a telephone service without having to use the normal public phone network, essentially you are replacing your old style telephone with your computer. To be free it relies on both ends having an ADSL connection and can also broadcast webcam video and conference calls. You don’t need a telephone to use it as a set of headphones and microphone are the best way, and once you have all your contacts and numbers set up on your computer/laptop you can use it wherever you have an ADSL connection (WiFi hotspot and Internet café etc).

Joan via email asks:
Dear Aunty, I’ve just started using Firefox Instead of Internet Explorer and it seems much faster but whenever I click on the icon it takes me straight into Google in Spanish. Is this just because it knows that I am located in Spain? And is it to change into English? I’m not brilliant with computers so could you explain it simply for me?
Aunty Says:
Hi Joan, You are quite right in assuming that Firefox is checking your regional settings and decides you want Google in Spanish instead of English. Google is set as your ‘homepage’ which is basically a fancy name for the webpage you first connect to when you go on the internet. You need to set your browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) to use as your home page and not You will find this under ‘tools’  ’options’ ‘homepage’ from the menu at the top of Firefox.


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