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Aunty Virus 2nd May 2010

Les via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have an HP printer/scanner and since the original HP cartridges ran out I have used INKJET cartridges. When inserting these, the PC has always come up with a warning that these were not genuine HP cartridges and the ink level diagram would not display. Nevertheless, they always worked. I have just tried inserting two new colour cartridges, but neither would print. Could it be that in recent HP updates they have blocked any "foreign" cartridges from working? Strangely the printer seems to try and print, but only blank sheets come out. If HP have done this, is it legal?
Aunty Says:
Difficult one Les. I have certainly come across similar situations before and I do remember a big fuss where certain copy cartridges were being ‘blocked’ by a printer manufacturer (Lexmark I think) but whether it’s legal or not I don’t honestly know. In your case I would also have to include the possibility that there is something malfunctioning on the printer as you have tried two separate cartridges to no avail. I recently bought two very cheap cartridges via ebay, and although they worked OK for a while they seem to have upset the Epson software and now the Windows print process has to be restarted a few times before it prints. There is certainly a huge difference in the ink quality between most copy and genuine cartridges and this can definitely affect the printer’s internal workings.

Jon via email asks:
Did you not print a way to watch BBC iplayer here in Spain? If so, could you give me the details as I have mislaid the original, thanks.
Aunty Says:
I did indeed Jon and it was basically how to use a ‘proxy server’. It’s a long, tedious and complicated subject so I’m going to point you to the ‘How Do I’ section here and see if that helps.

Terry from Torrevieja asks:
Hi hope you can help. Having recently discovered the world of Skype, and wishing to show off our gorgeous weather to family in the UK, I cannot get a good outside picture (inside is fine) on any of my 3 cameras, despite fiddling with the camera settings. Is it my laptop (which is a Toshiba Equium A100) that won't show the sunny climate, or can you recommend a better camera?
Aunty Says:
I doubt very much it’s your laptop Terry. Most cheap (sub 30€) webcams are designed for indoor use and simply cannot handle the amount of natural light when outside. I know the Logitech QuickCam Pro works great outside, and is designed especially for laptops, I used to have one as a security camera until it got robbed.

Ken via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I inadvertently (don't ask) installed Windows 7 on my separate backup hard drive and I removed it by formatting the drive & reinstalling my backup. When I boot up now I get a choice of two Windows7 to choose from, but of course only one exists.  How can I get rid of this choice at start up? Keep up the good work.
Aunty Says:
Hi Ken. There’s a couple of ways of doing this and I think the safest way is to set the original as the default operating system and set the timer down to zero. Go to ‘start’ and right click on ‘computer’ and ‘properties’. Click on ‘advanced’ and the ‘settings’ button next to the ‘startup and recovery’ section. Here you can choose the default OS from the drop down list and the time to zero by unticking the ‘time to display’ box. Don’t be tempted to edit the startup option file as this invariably ends in tears.

Doreen via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have just connected to Skype but am having trouble with incoming calls. My laptop is left on (as you suggested) but when a call comes through it does not wake up my laptop so I miss them (or they call me on their landline to tell me they are trying to get through) I would appreciate your expertise. Thanks in anticipation. 
Aunty Says:
I’m not 100% sure Doreen. The fact that your laptop is in stand-by (or hibernate mode) will more than likely show you as ‘offline’ to the Skype community, but you may be able to get around this by configuring your laptop not to go completely to sleep. Somewhere under the power options (in control panel) you will find an option where you can set only the hard disk and screen to go into stand-by so maybe try experimenting with these settings. There’s also a ‘Wake-On-LAN’ option that may work but it does involve messing around with Windows so let me know how you get on with the first option.


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