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Philip from Benijofar asks:
Hello, I have read many times your suggestions to run Ccleaner. When I have loaded it and clicked analyze the number of items listed files etc. is somewhat frightening! Are there any I should watch out for, it even says downloads.
Aunty Says:
Hello Philip. Ccleaner includes things like temporary internet files and cookies in its findings so there will always be a lot of files, especially the aforementioned ones which tend to build up rapidly as you surf the internet. I generally just let Ccleaner get on with its job without even investigating what it has found during the analysis and I’ve yet to run into any problems after all these years.


Dave via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have a problem with windows vista security updates they install up 93% then the windows installer stops working and closes. When I try to turn off my computer it says initialising 1 of 3 and will not complete.
Aunty says:
Hello Dave. If you go to Control Panel and double click on the Windows Update icon you can kick off a manual update that may resolve the problem. There is also an option to let you ‘view update history’. When you click on this you will see a list of all the Windows Updates, the date they installed and the status. If there are any in the list that show a failed status you can try and download them manually from the Microsoft website. Let me know how you get on and email me the KB number of the failing updates and I can look into it.


Jim via email
Dear Aunty, my problem is the picture and words on my screen extend beyond the width of the screen, so to view we have to keep sliding the picture and words backwards and forwards. I have tried to alter the font size but it is at the default size and the alternatives are even larger.  This problem has developed without any adjustments being carried out by me and the Dell has been trouble free until now.  Hope there is a simple solution.
Aunty says:
This sounds like you have the wrong screen resolution set Jim. Your screen’s resolution is simply the number of dots (commonly known as pixels and megapixels on digital cameras) that there are both horizontally and vertically. This will determine both the detail and the shape (the ratio) of your monitor For example, I have a 21” fairly wide screen and I like a very detailed picture so my screen resolution is set to 1366 x 768. This simply describes the shape (1366 wide x 768 high) of my screen and essentially how many pixels to cram into that rectangle. Depending on your version of Windows, and the model of display adapter you have, there are different ways to set this. I am going to assume you have Windows7 or Vista and the easiest is via ‘start’ ‘control panel’ and click on the ‘display’ icon.  From here click on the ‘change display settings’ link and you should see the pop-up window where you can change these settings. Window7 and Vista should show a recommended resolution setting based on what it has determined your screen and graphics card work best at so I would recommend giving that setting a try first.


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