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Jennie, Nick, Les and a few others say:
In the last edition of the RTN one of your readers is asking about proxy servers. I have used Go Trusted which cost $5 per month (just over £3) and I have never had any problems. When I have emailed them they respond by the next day and solved the problems I had. Nick and a few others use which is run by a guy called Stephen Fowler who gave Nick a chance to use the service before any commitment plus his charges are very fair as he asks only for a regular donation. Les and co. use which also seems to get some good reviews.
Aunty Says:
Well there’s a few to be going on with. I also have a very useful (but slightly technical) list of instructions from long time reader Geoff, on how to set up a similar VPN (Virtual Private Network) type connection which is generally safer and faster. It’s a little too long to put here but I will forward it to any of you interested in trying a different service out.


Marian via email asks:
Hello Aunty, hoping you can help me. I’ve had Internet Explorer for a few years as my home page and the last few days it just disappeared. For some reason we can get everything else up but not that page. Can you help us either get it back or suggest another page as I’ve heard that IE is not the best one anyway.

Aunty Says:
Hi Marian. Do you mean Microsoft’s MSN as your homepage? IE (Internet Explorer) is the browser program that comes with Windows that you use to access the internet, whereas your homepage is simply the page that automatically appears when you first connect to the Internet. I have always used as it is safe, fast and the largest search engine available. You can change your homepage in IE from the ‘tools’ ‘internet options’ menu and type in (or whatever you want) into the ‘homepage’ box.


Marie via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I inadvertently put my pointer on to the X on sticky notes and of course they disappeared. Is there any way in which I can restore these? Thanks for everything you tell us.
Aunty Says:
Hi Marie. I don’t think you can retrieve them, once deleted they are apparently gone forever. For any of you who are not sure what a ‘sticky note’ is, it is a really useful post-it note type application that comes with Windows7 for popping reminders and quick notes on your screen. They are meant to be temporary so any important information should be copied/pasted into Word or Notepad.


Tony via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I hope you can help me with the following. I have Malwarebytes installed on my laptop, along with Microsoft Security Essentials. For the last few weeks I have been getting popups at the bottom of my screen every few minutes, saying 'Malwarebytes Anti Malware successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website  94100 19132'  followed by 'Type outgoing 49657 (different numbers each time). Process firefox.exe' (My browser is Firefox). I appreciate that it is blocking these, but do I have a problem on my laptop?
Aunty Says:
You may well have something unwanted hiding in your computer Tony and normally if Malwarebytes is detecting this kind of intrusion it will be able to get rid of it with a full scan. Make sure you have updated Malwarebytes before you scan and let me know how you get on.


Anthony via email asks:
I am running XP SP3 and Skype 5.0 and every now and then Skype decides to update itself to version 5.6 . When this happens I can't get into Skype because when I type in my username and password nothing happens and Skype locks up. Is XP compatible with SKYPE 5.6 or how can I prevent automatic updates or how can I fix it so 5.6 will run on XP?
Aunty Says:
I think version 5.8 was recently released by Skype Anthony, and included a few fixes to rectify lots of crashing problems in XP. Make sure you get if from the official Skype site to avoid any trick downloads.


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