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Stuart via the letters page asks:
On Tue 17th I was contacted at home by a Windows Engineer(?) who said my computer had been sending out many error messages. They said they were calling from Microsoft based in Madrid and asked me to go through various checks on my system (which I followed for a while).  However after circa 10 minutes they said they could fix my problems by my spending 172€. I then told them I was signing off. They told me my system would crash in 20 minutes if I did not follow their instructions. I do not know how they got my telephone number. I did not give them any information although they may have been able to extract some from my system. Is this a scam?  If so maybe we need to put out a warning.
Aunty Says:
Definitely a scam. Firstly Microsoft will never proactively call customers about their computer problems, and secondly, giving anyone remote access to your computer is a very risky thing to do. The 172€ fee may seem like a lot of money for fixing a Windows problem but this pales into insignificance compared to the additional amounts they could extort form your credit card or bank account, and if that scenario isn’t bad enough, they could easily have accessed your email accounts and online banking details. Lists of phone numbers and personal details can be easily purchased on the web, and as nearly everyone has a Windows computer connected to the Internet, these fraudsters can safely assume that we are all potential victims.


Colin via email asks:
Dear Aunty. A couple of years ago I discovered that all my Yahoo emails dated prior to June 2005 were missing. I contacted Yahoo Mail who apologised but offered no explanation. They said the emails could not be retrieved. The emails are still missing from my inbox but today when I used the "search" facility I opened up emails received by me in 2002! So the missing emails must be somewhere. Do you have any idea how I can find them?
Aunty Says:
I don’t really know the full answer to this Colin but I’m guessing that you are using a email client such as Outlook or Incredimail which will normally store/archive your emails on your computer after they have been deleted from the Yahoo mail servers. If you only use webmail then the only other thing I can think of is that they are stored in a different area other than your inbox.

Jenny via email asks:
Have any of your readers expericenced what we have just found out, we are with telefónica (or Movistar  as it is now called) and have been since 2001. We are paying for 6Mbit ADSL line and discovered the other day that we only have 1/4 Mbit. When we rang to complain we were told “Oh sorry but the system is overloaded, call back in a day or two”. We live in Los Arenales and have been told it wont get any better until they enlarge the exchange, which they will not do in the near future. It looks as if it may be cheaper to buy a pay as you go dongle, any other sugestions?
Aunty Says:
I am sure most of our readers are getting far less bandwidth than they are contracted for as this seems to be the way in Spain. I am not a big fan of the mobile dongle ADSL solution as it is dependant on the same 3G coverage your mobile phone uses which can be flakey at the best of times. There are a growing number of companies offering wireless ADSL (not to be confused with WiFi) which involves a small box on your roof that points to one of their transmitters. It can also provide phone and TV and negates the need for a fixed landline.


Vic via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I went home to the UK for Christmas and bought a new windows7 laptop. My old laptop has XP and I have an HP Photosmart C4280 all in one printer that works fine with XP but I don't think this printer is compatible with windows7. My question is, is there a way of connecting it to windows7 or should I buy a new printer? If there is a way to connect to windows 7 could you please give me advice as to do so?
Aunty Says:
Hello Vic. I had a quick look on the HP website and there does seem to be a driver available from HP. Although windows7 comes with a huge amount of drivers readily available, it is not 100% complete, and it is always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website for a more upto date version. If you’re not sure which version of Win7 you are running then click ‘start and right click on ‘Computer’ and then click Properties and it will say under the ‘system type’ section.


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