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Aunty Virus 9th May 2017

Jack from Torre La Mata asks:
Good day Aunty. On my old (and dearly missed) XP tower PC I used to have 2 icons on my desktop startup screen that took me straight to my Yahoo email and also to my bowls webpages which I access every morning. On my new laptop I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get to where I want to go. I cannot remember who set them up for me and I daren’t fiddle around with my new laptop too much. I have Windows 10 and use Chrome to go onto the internet.
Aunty says:
Hi Jack. Google have made this really simple in Chrome and here’s what you do. Once you are on your Yahoo email page if you click on the three vertical dots in the very top right corner you will see a drop down menu. Hover over the “More tools” option and you will see “Add to desktop…” Click on this and it will bring up a small box where you can name the link and tick the “Open as windows” box. Repeat this for your bowls site and it’s as simple as that.

David via email asks:
Hello  Aunty,   Hope you can help me as you have in the past. For some time now when using Firefox and when I go to Hotmail it always comes up with an error. I have removed & reloaded Firefox but it's still the same. I do use another browser but prefer Firefox most of the time. Hope you can help.
Aunty Says:
Hi David. Without seeing the content of the error message I can’t be sure of the exact source of the problem but there is one generic fix you could try. One very common problem is an out of date bookmark/favorite. Microsoft are continually messing around with their email system and Hotmail has since been replaced with Outlook then LiveMail (or is it the other way round) so maybe try going to or where you should be able to login using your Hotmail details. If this works you should delete the old bookmark and create a new one.

Ron from Los Balcones asks:
Hi Aunty. When my whiz kid 15 year old Grandson was over from New Zealand he used a 4 digit PIN number that he used to access his HP laptop which seems so much easier than my long and complicated password. He told me how to do it but I didn’t want to appear dumb so I just nodded and pretended I understood! Is this something simple enough for an old grey dinosaur to do or will I need to take it in somewhere? I have a Lenovo Idealpad with Windows 10.
Aunty Says:
Hi Ron. This is a really useful feature in Windows 10 and very easy to setup. Click on the Start icon and type SETTINGS and press enter. From the windows that pops up click on the “Accounts” section and choose “Sign-in options” and the rest is fairly obvious (if any of you don’t already have a normal password setup then you will first need to add one)

That’ll do for this week. Email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.

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