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Aunty Virus 25th Apr 2017

Jan via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have bought a printer over here in Spain and replaced inks with compatibles from England but can't seem to get it to work, it keeps showing there is no ink. It's an Epson sx253. Can you help with any ideas?
Aunty Says:
Hello Jan. Was the printer standing for a while? as this can cause the print nozzles & heads to clog. Also you will need to check that the inks that you have brought over from the UK haven’t dried out and that they are a reasonable quality brand. There should be an Epson printer maintenance option on your computer that will let you run a few simple tests to try and flush out any dried ink or blocked nozzles.


Ted from Campoverde asks:
I was given a Lenovo tablet whilst in the UK but I didn’t get it setup until I was back here in Spain. I have managed to download and install the kindle app so I can get my books but any new ones I look for are coming up in Spanish. I have noticed that Google Play Store is in Spanish so I’m supposing this is because I have set it up in Spain or is there a way of changing the language to English? The tablet is registered to an English Address so should this make a difference? Thank you.
Aunty Says:
Ted. There are settings that you need to change on your phone and within your Google account, and possibly within the Play Store app. On your phone settings you need to set your location up as the UK (or Ireland) and then the same with your Google account. Once you’ve signed back in to the Play Store you should find everything is in English. As expats we do need to spend a little time manually setting up our location because most devices (including Windows & Apple) will use your Internet address to auto detect where you and force all of you downloads and apps etc. into Spanish. All devices are a little different but I found searching Google gave me some more detailed instructions.


Malcolm via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have a new HP laptop with Windows 10 and it has taken a bit of time to get used to but I quite like it now. There is one thing is driving me crazy though and that is, where is my old friend The Recycle Bin?
Aunty Says:
Hi Malcolm. If it is not automatically showing on your desktop then right click on and empty space on your desktop then select “Personalize” and then “Themes” and “Desktop icon settings” and tick/slide the Recycle Bin check box. Click apply and you should be cooking on gas.

That’s all for this week people, email me your questions to and I will see what I can do.

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