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Aunty Virus 28th March 2017

John from Albir asks:
Hi Aunty you did can article about a Windows 7 update problem a few weeks ago and you suggested switching off Automatic Updates till Microsoft sorted out the problem. Can you please advise if Microsoft have resolved the problem and how to reset the Auto updates? I changed the startup type to disabled as you advised.

Aunty Says:
Hello John. It looks like Microsoft have finally fixed this annoying bug so go to Control Panel and “System and Security” and under the Windows Update section click on “Turn automatic updating on or off”. I usually opt for the “Check for updates but let me choose” option and make sure that the “Give me recommended updates” box is unticked.

John from Benidorm asks:
Hi Aunty. I have Windows 7 and have used Windows Live Mail as my email app for years and I have now heard a warning that it will stop working on 30th June. My email address is @ and my options seem very difficult. Is the Mozilla (Thunderbird) app a reliable option? I also have a Windows 10 laptop and have tried the preinstalled Mail app but am not impressed.  I have also tried Yahoo and Gmail.  I tend to prefer Gmail, but does that mean I have to change my email address, advising all my contacts? Can I use my existing @telefonica address with any email program? I am totally confused so can you suggest a simple solution.  I depend totally on email for all my personal and financial communications.
Aunty Says:
This is a confusing subject John and it’s not been made any clearer thanks to Microsoft using so many different disguises for their email services & apps (Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Live Mail etc etc) so for simplicity & security reasons I have long championed using Google’s Gmail service and only via the Gmail website. Using an email app/program such as your Windows Live Mail (or Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird & the new Win10 Mail) requires installing and setting things up locally on your computer, whereas accessing your email via the web (webmail) there is no need to download or configure anything. I would also strongly suggest changing from your Telefonica address as you would lose this should you cancel your Movistar contract or if they decide to shut down their legacy services. A change of email would involve emailing all of your contacts with your new email address but there is a simple way of importing your old address book into Gmail. Let me know if you decide to do this and I will forward you a “how to” guide.

Doromy via email asks:
Hola Aunty. I´m having a really bad time! My Windows button isn´t working and nor is the "Search the web & Windows" box. When I try to close down I have to use a right click then shut down, then I get the message "Task Host Window is stopping background tasks" but nothing is open.
Aunty Says:
Hello Doromy. First make sure you have scanned your computer with Malwarebytes and your favorite antivirus program. I have seen this error caused by numerous different things so if it continues let me know.

Well that’s all for another, please email me your questions to and I will see what I can do.

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