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Bernard from Dolores asks:
With my old Windows XP tower computer I used to regularly create a restore point which I could go back to when things got messed up but I cannot for the life of me find how to do it on my new Windows 10 laptop. I hope this isn’t a feature that Microsoft have dropped like they seem to have done with the games I used to enjoy which have disappeared.
Aunty Says:
Hi Bernard. You can easily get to the system restore page you are looking for by typing “create a restore point” into the search bar next to the start icon. If the search bar isn’t there just click on the start button and start typing. You can install all of our old favourites (Solitaire, Minesweepr and Mahjong etc) into Windows 10 (or Win8) using the handy little install program I have emailed you, why on Earth Microsoft dropped them I do not know so any of you that would like them back, email me for the installer.

Mary via email asks:
I have a HP colour LaserJet 1500 printer which I inherited years ago when my uncle’s UK business closed down. It has worked perfectly with my Dell laptop with Windows XP but I had to upgrade to an Acer laptop with Windows 10 (because I was told XP has been stopped) and I cannot get it to work as according to HP there are no drivers for Windows 10. Do you know of any possible way to get it working as I love it and I also have a big box of toner cartridges that cost a small fortune and it seems a shame to bin it?
Aunty Says:
It doesn’t look too hopeful Mary. I had a good rummage on the HP website and it seems they didn’t release the driver software for any version of Windows after Vista. Maybe keep your XP laptop just for printing until your ink/toner has run out and then invest in a new one.

William from Algorfa  asks;
Hi Aunty. I somehow installed an app called TurboYourPC  as it reported I had 300 errors and it would fix them. At the time my laptop was running painfully slowly so I thought what the hell. Since I installed it I cannot open any of my apps and when I can get on the internet it is so slow and I get adverts popping up every minute, I want to throw the thing in the bin. Any advice on how to get rid of it?
Aunty Says;
Hello William. This is one of many apps that offer to sort out computer problems but invariably make things worse by loading loads of junk and advertising malware onto your computer. TurboYourPC is particularly sneaky and it seems to have a pretty nasty payload that will cause exactly these kind of problems. You may be lucky and successfully remove it via “programs and features” and then do a full scan with an updated Malwarebytes and your chosen antivirus program.

That’s all for this week folks, email me your questions to and I will see what I can do.

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