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Aunty Virus 21st Feb 2017

Val from La Marina asks:
Hi Aunty. I stupidly downloaded a free PDF file converter and now it seems my Google browser has been taken over by something called ‘My Web Search’. Is there an easy way to get rid of it and back to my Yahoo page?
Aunty Says:
Hi Val. You may be lucky and find that this annoying hijacker hasn’t already buried itself too deeply into Windows. In Chrome click on the 3 small dots in the top right corner and go to “settings” and under the “On start up” section click on the “Set Pages” link and make sure is the only entry. Also go down to the ‘Search’ section and click on the ‘Manage Search Engines’ button and add Yahoo and delete any other entries. I would strongly recommend a full scan with Malwarebytes and your favourite Antivirus program just to be sure.

Gavin via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I regularly use the number keys on the right hand side of my keyboard but they sometimes don't seem to work. I can get by using the numbers on the top of the keyboard but as a semi retired accountant I am so used to using a calculator which has the same layout as my laptop keyboard.
Aunty Says:
Hello Gavin. This is known as the “number pad” and can usually be switched on or off by pressing the Num Lock key (Bloq Num on a Spanish keyboard). This key is normally near the number pad and there is often a light to indicate when it is active.

Paul via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have recently noticed that my downloads and email attachments that I do from the internet have started saving in a different folder. My son had created a folder on my USB external disk called “Store” especially for storing all of my downloaded pictures, films, music etc. but Chrome now seems to save things into my downloads folder on my main C: drive which is now warning me that it is full.  
Aunty Says:
This setting is easy to change Paul and you can get to it from the settings option in Chrome. C
lick on the 3 small dots in the top right corner and go to “settings” and at the bottom, click on the “Show advanced options” and look for the section called “Downloads” where you can specify where you want any downloaded stuff to go.

Tim via email asks:
Hello Aunty. I’ve have had as my main startup home page for years but now when I go on the Internet it has gone. I can get it by typing it into the space at the top but when I restart my laptop it has gone again.
Aunty Says:
Hello Tim. I have always used as my homepage as it is safe and probably the best place to start searching for stuff. As with the above answers, you can easily reset or change your homepage via the settings option in Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Well that’s all for another week. Email me your questions to and I will see if I can get you sorted.

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